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Pathways: A project led by Quantum Physicist, Emma Hayes. It started with the study of newly proven parallel realities, leading into finding ways to stabilize paths between these realities. These travel technologies are largely confidential outside of Truelabs.

Pathway Locator: A little gadget that senses unusual string activity. Used in locating potential wormholes. It only has 97 percent accuracy.

Gateway: Ring shaped machine that comes in 2 halves to fit around a thin point in reality. It's meant to stabilize these intersections into proper portals. The Gateway is still in beta testing and can be fairly unstable.

Portal: Wormhole mouths; sometimes discovered in the thinner points in reality's fabric. 7 years ago the first scientifically proven portals were discovered at Truelabs, but wormholes and portals have been theorized about for decades.

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